No homeowner welcomes the presence of bugs within their home. These little creatures are not only a nuisance, but they also pose a great threat to the health of your family. Bugs such as mosquitoes, flies, ants and cockroaches when they infiltrate the home usually end up annoyingly attacking your food, mar the appearance of your house and pester you with their very presence. Health-wise, you are aware that all of them are known carriers of various diseases.

It becomes second nature then to get into an all-out war when you see bugs invading your property. The easiest way to combat them will be to use commercially-prepared chemicals that you can purchase readily from the stores. Using pesticides may be the quickest option for you; however, their formulations can be so strong that they can induce many harmful side effects to your health and to the environment. The best way for you to deal with these pesky flying and crawling bugs will be for you to use the chemical-free methods.
Below, you’ll find 3 natural ways to keep bugs out of your home for good.

  1. One safe means to get rid of bugs is to make use of natural and alternative bug repellents. You don’t actually need to purchase those toxic bug sprays from the stores. Your kitchen actually holds lots of things that are naturally unattractive to the bugs. If your problem, for instance, involves ants attacking your food supplies, sprinkle cayenne pepper and cinnamon to areas where you find those ant trails. You may also use bay leaf to repel them from entering your cabinets. To keep flies out, put slices of lemons on many areas of the house. You may also use orange peels and garlic – which can also conveniently shoo mosquitoes and ants away. Cockroaches will be hesitant entering your home when you’ve got soaked-in-peppermint oil-sponges cleverly located on their potential entryways.
  2. Another natural means to keep bugs out will be to go on the defensive and put screens and barriers on their entry paths. This method will be very effective in preventing the access of flies, mosquitoes and other insects in the house. By making sure that all windows and doors are properly screened and sealed on the edges, you can make your home impenetrable to the entrance of these irksome bugs.
  3. Probably, the best defense you can do to naturally prevent bugs from visiting or living in your home is to maintain cleanliness in your surroundings. Most bugs are enticed into making a home invasion because the surroundings are dirty and not in order. When you leave food crumbs on the floor, ants and cockroaches will simply be happy to clean the mess for you. If you leave your trash uncovered and don’t get them disposed of right away, flies will be there to make a feast out of them. Removing bowls or buckets of stagnant water in the yard will prevent having mosquitoes surrounding your home. By keeping your property clean and in order, you make your home safe from bugs for good.

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