With the increasing concerns about the environment, many people are now geared to adapting eco friendly ways on how to manage pest problems around their homes and also around their workplace. Pest control is a huge industry often lead by major chemical companies. But if you are more into natural ways of extermination, you can make use of natural insect repellants to support your regular pest extermination.

There are 2 basic kinds of insect repellants you can see in the market today and these are the chemical repellants and the natural repellants. The fastest way to exterminate insects is with chemical repellants but the danger to people, animals, and environment is also high. Chemical repellants are usually made from a combination of toxic substances known as dichlorvos, propoxsur, and transflurthrin. Careful handling of chemical agents is very important thus professional assistance may be necessary.

Organic insect repellants are much more gentler than chemical based repellants. Because they are extracted from plants, they do not cause serious dangers to people and animals. As for the environment, they are totally safe to use. Among the many selections of insect repellants are plants like zodia, lavender, gerarnium, fragrant roots, citronella glasses, marigold, pepper, and garlic. Aside from these many people also find soy based products effective against mosquitoes and lemon eucalyptus oil as substitute for DEET.

Natural insect repellants are not as pricey as chemical based products thus can even save people some money. And even though they work less faster than commercial grade products with toxic chemical agents, they still are effective in the long run. Natural insect repellants, when prepared and applied correctly and consistently, will make a wonderful support for regular exterminations. That way, population of pests can be controlled and that population growth can be prevented.

Natural repellents for insects can be made at home. However, it is advisable to prepare them with supervision of someone that knows how to do it or just to contact a pest control company that offers these products. Furthermore, traps and fans can also be a good natural repellant for insects as well as other pests.

Regular extermination is not always successful. However, by adding the use of natural insect repellants, chances of controlling or eradicating pest population can be higher. After all, natural repellants may start out slow but in the long term, they can actually help a whole lot to people with insect problems.