Wherever you turn these days – be it in magazines, internet or TV, there are constant reminders about making your home more eco-friendly. If your house has been standing for many decades, for sure, essential changes are needed to help better its energy-efficiency. Making your home more green will help you save money on utilities, protect your health by having cleaner air and help you rescue Mother Nature. While the benefits are very clear, undertaking the project can be very difficult. So, here are 5 top tips to achieve a successful green home remodel.

  1. It is very important to start your green home with a plan. This means listing your needs and goals and how you can address them with eco-friendly touches. A common thing that most homeowners do when renovating the house is pursuing adding new structures or rooms into the place. Before you consider making add-ons, it’s very important to evaluate the space that you are working with. By knowing what your needs are and understanding the impact of making add-ons, you’ll be able to conceive a good plan that uses fewer materials and creates minimal waste. Try to contact your local remodeling  Austin company for help.
  2. When updating your home, choose green materials. Every aspect of the home these days – be it in flooring, carpeting and walls have earth-friendly alternatives. If you are not familiar what these “green” alternatives are, do your research on the web. While there are standard choices in paint, there are also low- or no-VOC paints that are available. When it comes to wood, opt for exotic woods from sustainably-managed forests. Buy reclaimed woods and
    utilize sustainable bamboo alternatives if you may.
  3. Managing the light in the home is another way to help you achieve a green remodel. Strategic placement of windows and walls will allow you to optimize the natural lighting in your home and enable you to turn off artificial lights during daytime. See to it that energy-efficient fixtures such as compact fluorescent lights (CFLs) and LED lights are only installed. And if possible, opt for timed or motion-sensor lights for your outdoor areas.
  4. Insulate your home properly. This is one good advice that you should heed. Consider installing foam and ceramic coatings on the exterior wall of your house. Choose energy-efficient windows and doors and make sure to seal the windows properly with caulking and the doors with weather-stripping, respectively. There’s no point in investing in high-quality windows and doors when you simply allow heat to escape around their edges.


  1. When you are replacing appliances during your home remodeling, make sure to choose ones with the Energy Star label in them. Energy Star appliances can help you slash down your energy costs at home by close to half. Although they may be a bit pricey to purchase to begin with, but the low energy costs that they are presenting will help you gain huge savings on the long-term basis.

Going green has all been the rage when it comes to home renovations nowadays. In every magazine or online site you browse, there’s always a suggestion to would-be home remodelers to pick eco-friendly materials and make sustainable choices. So, are there any benefits to choosing eco-friendly home renovations? Let’s find out below.

Improved efficiency and savings on utilities

One of the major benefits of using green technology in residential makeover projects is experiencing improved efficiency and earning huge savings on utilities. Many houses that were made in the past often lack the necessary energy-efficient fixtures. By opting for energy-efficient windows and doors today, you can significantly reduce the heating and cooling costs in your abode. Huge savings can also be earned by replacing inefficient light fixtures and by incorporating dual-flush toilets, low-flow showerheads and many other water-conserving fixtures in the house. By making use of all these new eco-friendly materials, you will definitely enjoy increased efficiency and notable decrease in your utility bills in your dwelling.

Exposure to healthy air and fewer toxins

Homeowners who resort to eco-friendly home renovations will also benefit from breathing in healthier and cleaner air within the home. You’ll be surprised to know that air in the indoor premises of the abode is sometimes found to be more polluted than those in the outdoors. This is due to the VOCs or volatile organic compounds found in paint, glues and stains that are used throughout the house. By carefully choosing green-building materials in flooring, paints and wall coverings that you use, there will be less air pollution inside your dwelling. Additionally, you will be exposing your family to fewer toxins that are harmful to your health.

Increase resale value of your property

When you are planning to sell your home in the future, making “green” renovations will help to increase the resale value of your property. Home buyers these days are seeking homes with green features. The reason for this is that the buyers realize that having an eco-friendly home will allow them to save money in the future. Even if the home you’re selling has a higher asking price, many home buyers will still be willing to pay for such extra price.

Help save Mother Nature

Lastly, repairing or upgrading towards greener choices will help you to save the environment. Eco-friendly renovations use only fewer resources plus it has lesser impact in the environment. By making sure that you use exotic woods grown and managed in sustainable settings, you help prevent the denudation of trees in the rainforests. Recycling materials for deck railing for your house will also help to reduce your carbon footprint and impact in the environment.